Seoul, South-Korea, 2018

A journey through the Seun Sangga, an urban megastructure that appeared in the 1960s in Seoul in a particular historical and political context. This kilometre-long building is made up of a multitude of workshops, small industries and electronics stores. The vertical mirror effect is intended to reinforce the feeling of an infinite perspective felt during the visit. The audio track is a record of ambient noise on site. 

Faces of a neighbourhood

Seoul, South-Korea, 2018

Film made as part of a theoretical architecture project in the Tagkbol district of Seoul. It is the journey from the outskirts of the neighborhood to the project site. The film makes stops on instantaneous and sensitive events that transcribe the identity of the place. It also makes it possible to account for a certain number of flows that operate around the project site. MUSIC: : Time is the Enemy - Quantic - 2001


Sevran, France, 2017

Film realized within the framework of a theoretical project of urban planning in Sevran in Seine-Saint-Denis. The film is divided into two parts. The first is the reading of a text written in 1943 by Louis-Ferdinand Céline and which is potentially still relevant today. It is accompanied by night scenes in the neighborhood of Sevran-Beaudotte. The second part retraces the walk from the train station to the interior of the Shopping Center, contrasting the outdoor public spaces. MUSIC : S.E.V.R.A.N - Kaaris - 2014 & The foresaken ones - Illangelo - 2013

Scale of the city

Paris, France, 2017

Film realized within the framework of a theoretical architecture project in the Olympiades district, in Paris. It is based on a text by Michel Corajoud; Parcourir en tout sens (2010) and seeks to highlight landscape details from a reduced scale to an overall impression of the project site. MUSIC : Cinematic Orchestra - The Man With The Movie Camera - 2007